Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Nauseous...

The Good

Well, I was hoping to put up a picture of the actual shirt, but I will have to come back and do that. What actual shirt? The FREE t-shirt I got from!! All I had to pay was $4-something in shipping.

I was thoroughly impressed by the delivery, too. I was prepared for it coming sometime after Lily was born (two weeks from now, hopefully), but I then got an e-mail from them telling me it shipped early. Still thought it would be here next week. It came pretty much the next day! I'm so excited!!! :D

I'll get an actual picture of it up when I can, but to show you guys what the image looks like...

Nifty, eh? Now, I did order mine in a medium because I wasn't sure how it would fit after giving birth and whatever. Well, I probably should have gone for a small, but I'm glad I can wear it preggo :)

Now for the bad.

Lacey is still in the hospital and I heard today she is going to be there another three weeks. To those too lazy to go back and read my other blog post, Lacey is my five-year-old step-cousin-in-law that was attacked by a pit bull a few days ago.

To break it down, Lacey was at a friend's house and the kids were playing with this pit bull, unsupervised, and it went for her throat. Luckily the dog missed everything vital in her throat, so she will be okay, but they had to fly her to Birmingham to give her surgery. She's hooked up to all sorts of tubes and a neck brace. I saw the picture and have to try so hard to NOT think about it. It's awful :(

They've been keeping her asleep, but woke her up yesterday to try and feed her. She wouldn't swallow because her throat hurt. She also wanted to get out of the bed and when they wouldn't let her she started kicking the bed. Needless to say she's been sedated again to ensure she can get the nutrients she needs via tubes...

Unfortunately, I found out today they said she will be in the hospital for at least another three weeks.

Moral of the story: Do NOT let children play with any kind of dog or cat unsupervised. Especially larger dogs. I'm not saying any of this because it was a pit bull, I'm saying it because it was an animal, and though domesticated still has instincts. I do not blame the dog. Pits can be very sweet when brought up the right way, but things happen.

Edit: I now JUST found out that the dog had bitten someone before but no major actions were taken against it. They are also now afraid of major nerve damage they weren't sure of before. They said if she can eat by herself she won't have to stay in the hospital, but there is no release time. They will wake her up again on Friday to try, and if not they will try Tuesday, so on so forth until she's better. She could be in the hospital anywhere from another week to a few months.

Lastly, the nauseous...

I woke up rather nauseous this morning and I'm having what feel like menstrual cramps from hell, but I'm sure they are contractions. I want to go back to sleep but I keep waking up because of them, and as far as being nauseous... it just sucks. I suppose it means Lily is getting ready to make her debut! Unfortunately, I do not think that childbirth is going to be as easy to bear as I thought. If I'm already in this much pain, what's going to happen I DO actually go into labor?

I'm still sticking to my guns and going natural with it, but I'm starting to get a little nervous about it. Is it bad that I'd rather go through all that pain than get injected with something like that? :P Call me a hippie, but I don't want to be all drugged up when my baby comes. Well, I guess a hippie wouldn't mind a few drugs... but you know what I mean. I will also admit to being afraid of the needles, and I hate that I have to go to a hospital instead of the birth center now... but it may not be that bad, right? Let's hope not.

Disclaimer: As far as Vistaprint goes, I am just a customer satisfied with a product. I was not asked by Vistaprint to write anything that I did, nor did I receive any kind of compensation for writing what I did. The thoughts expressed are my own. Please don't sue me :)

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